It’s His Timing Not Yours

I want to share a Facebook post from my personal page from October 2016. Even 5 months later this still holds true.

Y’ALL I can’t tell you enough how beautiful life is when you let go and let GOD do His thing!! Ok so I know I may have seem to have gone all Holy Roller in the last couple years, and you know what… that’s kind of true. No shame   Now I will never condemn someone who thinks differently than me nor will I push my views down their throat because let’s face it… up until a couple months ago you couldn’t have paid me to write something like this.

I was never a Baptist, Methodist or Presbyterian growing up… The closest to anything I have ever called myself was Agnostic in college. I believed in God and Heaven/Hell but seriously… Noah couldn’t have built an Arc with all those animals. Doubter is a light term for what I was like in college. I went through a lot if -ish in my college years. Some day I’ll write a whole lot more but I’ll keep it short(er) for now.

I remember when I was getting married to J.T., I went to the church to pay for use of the church during the ceremony. Somehow my previous employment at a Baptist Church and at a private Jewish School came up. I remember the church secretary saying “Sounds like God is trying to find a way to bring you back to Him.” I just smiled and brushed it off. But over the course of the last 4 years, He has brought me back to Him. He has filled me with overflowing joy. I have seen things I never thought possible come true. For once in my life even through strife, I can see a bright and happy future. Does that mean I’ll never face heart ache? No. But guess what… I’ll praise Him through the storm. Everything negative that I have gone through has only shown me how strong I can be. I grow, I learn and I turn a negative into a positive.

So here’s an example… I very strongly believe that I should be home with my girls. JT and I have made a lot of financial changes for this to happen. Even with I Love Ewe & him working full time there have been times where we have struggled over the last year… Like not having enough food to feed all of us struggling. Don’t worry the girls are always well fed… Mommy and Daddy took the hits those times. And honestly it was eating out a little too much/ splurging when we shouldn’t have that got us there. But every time I was about ready to break down not knowing how we were going to make it through the week something happened. I got a call to tutor a student, then another student, then another. Somehow EVERY SINGLE STUDENT could meet on either Tuesday or Friday one right after the other. I couldn’t have made it happen that perfectly. I went from a very slow tutoring week to 9 hrs a week and making VERY decent $$.When we were hitting rock bottom, He lifted us up. Now I Love Ewe is getting busy as tutoring is slowing down again.

Y’all I went from a 40 hr work paycheck to the possibility of not getting paid at all for weeks at a time. SUPER SCARY! But that’s never happened. Something has always been going on so that we were taken care of. We have learned to be budget savvy and have been able to get ahead! Those times where it was lean we learned our lesson and when our cup runeth over we have become smarter with the extra $. Still not perfect but getting there I have not had one prayer go unanswered this year whether it was the way I wanted or the way He wanted so I could become a better person. My life has never flowed so smoothly even through the storms as it does now since I let go and gave it all up to God


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