Wake Up Excited & Invigorated

Besides farming, running my business and raising our girls, I am a tutor. I like tutoring because I can pick up a job whenever we may need a little extra money and it is based off my schedule.

I was having a conversation with a student about a three months ago about choices and career paths. The student at one point said “It’s part of life working at a job you don’t like. You have to do it.” My response was “No you don’t. Find something you enjoy and go after that.” He responded “So you’re telling me you never worked at a job you hated.” Me: “I never hated any job (and I’ve had a lot of jobs) but once I no longer enjoyed it, I quit and moved on to something I did enjoy. And I didn’t always stay in the job until I found something I enjoyed. There wasn’t always a smooth transition, but it never put myself or anyone else in a bad spot.”He was genuinely amazed that I wasn’t willing to settle and do something I dislike.

I found it slightly sad that a kid who hasn’t even graduated from high school thinks it’s a way of life to work somewhere you hate. Now I am very aware bills must be paid and food must be bought… I have 2 kids after all. However, people do themselves and their employers a disservice doing something they hate just to pay the bills. As we begin this year with a “fresh start”, find whatever makes you feel excited about going to work. When you wake up feel excited and invigorated knowing that the new day has nothing but possibilities for you. Don’t let yourself be held down by others views of how you should live your life. Live like no else so that you can LIVE like no one else. The path you had planned for yourself may end up not being the one that stirs your spirit. Find the path that makes you feel alive!

I am still finding my way but I awake each day excited and invigorated. I finally feel like I have found true purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed some jobs I have had, but something was always missing. So I searched for that missing piece. I changed the course of what I had planned for my life and in that found who I really am.

If you feel like there is something missing go looking for it. Try new things. Explore different opportunities. Believe that you are destined for true happiness and satisfaction. Obviously don’t put yourself or anyone else in a bad spot, but realize that some people are meant to help you along your path more than others and you may need a little more help from them. Sometimes the biggest life changers are the people you don’t know yet.

Make 2017 the year of finding who you really are and what you enjoy!

*This picture was taken a month ago after our second trip in a week to the post office to drop off orders for my business. I NEVER thought I’d be doing what I do for a living. Guess God had bigger plans


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