Embrace the Chaos

So the other day I let Isabelle paint at the same time Aubrey was painting. I knew it would be messy so I had her in just a diaper. This was also right before bath time so I knew letting her get messy wasn’t a big deal. Well this munchkin took me up on it to the extreme and you know what… I just went with it and loved every moment.

As a parent you are constantly inundated with what you should and shouldn’t do, what is proper behavior, what is acceptable learning techniques. It can get exhausting trying to be this perfect mother raising perfect, clean, well-mannered children. So sometimes I go with the chaos. Now of course I still expect my children to be well mannered and this kind of crazy painting would not be going on with clothes on (way too much cleaning involved), but why not let her explore? Why not let her little 15 month old mind feel and learn and occasionally (quickly stopped) taste? Why not let her learn in a way that is right for her age?I don’t expect her or Aubrey to be perfect little painters never getting messy. And honestly the painters I know don’t stay clean either.

Sometimes you have to forget the “social pressures” of perfect parenting and let your kids be kids and enjoy every moment. Aubrey and Isabelle were laughing and have a ball. Isabelle enjoyed the cool feeling of the paint on her and exploring that different sensation. She enjoyed seeing lines form when she slid her finger through the paint. Was there a lot of clean up afterwards? A little but nothing I couldn’t handle. The memories of seeing my girls enjoy painting together far outweighed the slightly messier bath and having to clean a high chair tray. Which lets face it… I clean the high chair tray after meals… What’s a little paint going to do to me? It was time well spent. Not something I’ll do on a daily basis but when the mood strikes why not?

Don’t worry about teaching your kids exactly the way other people say they should be. Teach your kids how you see fit and how they learn best. Teach them it’s OK to make a mess learning (as long as you clean up after lol). Teach them to have fun and enjoy life!!

And yes Aubrey took me up on the it’s OK to get messy too. Love my girls!!


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