When that Little Voice won’t Stop Nagging You

To have the feeling like I am meant for something great is an incredible feeling. Excitement, anticipation, joy, and purpose are all things I have felt lately. I am not yet positive where this is leading me, but I feel like the steps I am taking is putting me on the right track.

My husband and I just passed the 3-year mark for farming. While setbacks have happened, we have also had great progress! I have passed the 1-year mark for being a business owner and have profited… Success! I stay home with our girls and am teaching them to be respectful, well-behaved little girls. All these things bring me joy, but I know there is more.

It wasn’t until the last 6 months that this overwhelming feeling of potential achievement has been placed on my heart. I feel like I am going to burst at the seams. The energy when I have this feeling is like nothing that I’ve experienced before. I end up trying to find somewhere to make use of this energy. So I think of new business ideas both farming and with I Love Ewe. I plan my future website, work on this blog, and create my new product line. So I am guessing that this is where I am supposed to place this energy.

Now I just need to focus this undeniable feeling of future fulfillment and create the success that God told me I would have almost 10 years ago. (That is another story for another time.) I need to listen to my instincts. I need to call on God for help when weak and praise Him during success and strife. I need to apply all the skills and blessings He has bestowed on me to achieve this dream.

Never deny this kind of feeling. Enjoy it! Harness it and create greatness from it. Often when people feel there is a higher purpose, they tend to shy away because they don’t have all the answers. Listen to this calling and be prepared to be blown away by God’s greatness and how perfectly He has planned your life.




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