Making an Eggs-elent Choice

We started farming when our oldest daughter, Aubrey, was 10 months old. She will be 4 years old in a week. (Pause for emotional mom moment.) The farm life is all she’s ever known. Sheep, chickens and now big fluffy white dogs are some of the most exciting things to her. She jumps at the chance to help Daddy move the sheep, work on the fence, collect eggs, fill water buckets… You name it. She is there to help. We have never forced her to do any of these things either. She genuinely wants to do it and be a part of making the farm work.

Aubrey enjoying time with chickens in the coop

This morning we collected 9 eggs from our hens. It was 40 degrees outside which is freezing to Floridians, but both my daughters, Aubrey & her 18 month old sister Isabelle, couldn’t get their jackets and boots on fast enough to go down to the field and collect eggs.

As I was feeding the chickens, the girls semi-patiently waited next to the portable coop to collect eggs. When I told them it was time to get the eggs, you could’ve heard their squeal of delight on the other side of the 10 acres.

Eggs… Something so many people take for granted… has changed mine and my daughters’ lives. Everyday I get to see joy in my girls’ faces as they work with the animals. Knowing that my girls are experiencing joy doing something most people will never be able to do is incredible. Knowing that we have provided them a life (albeit not always sunshine and roses) that is peaceful, exciting and unique fills me with pride. Pride in knowing that my husband and I chose a path less traveled, a path we have been mocked for, and created joy for our children.

Isabelle petting the chickens

So everyday when they collect eggs with either myself in the morning or their daddy at night, I know my girls are happy. No matter what ups and downs this farming venture has thrown at us, living this life has been an excellent choice!


2 thoughts on “Making an Eggs-elent Choice

  1. My husband asked what your husband did and when I told him, he said “wow that’s so cool”. I would love for my husband to be able to do
    That and me do what you do! That’s amazing you guys get to be together and experience life the way you are.


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