How I Became a Farmer’s Wife… I Blame Joel Salatin

Many people have asked my husband and I how we started farming. Most assume one of us grew up on a farm. But the answer is no. Neither of us grew up on a farm. The closest thing my family ever came to farming was having way too many cats, and my husband’s family had two pygmy goats when he was a kid. Not exactly living the farm life there.

The idea of farming came from one man: Joel Salatin. Salatin was the catalyst that sent my husband into countless hours of Youtube watching, book reading and podcast listening.


Pastured poultry, pastured pork, and building your fiefdoms were all things my husband studied relentlessly. I would like to add that everything he knows about farming was self-taught. He did not go to college for farming (that would be a giant waste of time and money honestly.) You see my husband is a natural researcher. He will research something 100 different ways before he starts building an idea. He likes to make sure he has a solid foundation before jumping into the unknown.



So when my husband came to me that fateful day and said he wanted to be a farmer, I wasn’t surprised. I knew this would be a huge leap and one that would take time. It was something worth pursuing though.

One good thing about my husband being a researcher is he never stops. Everyday (literally everyday) he listens to podcasts to learn and grow in his chosen profession. What started with Salatin has continued to Jerry Brunetti, Elaine Ingham, Alan Savory, Jack Spirko & Paul Wheaton (among many others). He pulls knowledge from each person combining them with what he thinks will work for where we live. Florida has a very different climate than the locations of his mentors so we have to do things a little differently. Not every idea he has had has been a winner, but I can say with great pride that most of his ideas have been successful.

Really what all this boils down to is my husband listened to Salatin speak. That ignited a fire inside of him, and he took the leap to pursue what he believes is his calling. We have fought doubt with knowledge and hard work. We both have listened to our hearts (him on his calling and me on believing this was the right choice), and we have made this lifestyle work.

*The featured image is of my husband meeting Joel Salatin at a workshop my husband attended where Salatin was the Keynote Speaker. My husband was able to talk with Salatin about some of his farming ideas which was very exciting.


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