How $1.70 Completely Changed my Perspective

A couple of months back I was headed to a tutoring session not far from where I live. Before I went to my session I had to stop and put gas in my truck. I drive a F250 Crew cab Long bed aka a gigantic truck! The reason I drive this beast is because my Honda Accord was totaled in an accident last March. Instead of taking on car payments, my husband and I decided to become a one vehicle family and save some money.

So… I am pulling into the gas station grumbling to myself about how $20 only gives me 1/4 of a tank of gas. At that moment, $20 is all I had to put in my tank. I am complaining to myself about how I wish I had a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Complaining about the jerk who cut me off last March causing me to total my very fuel-efficient car. Complaining about how high gas prices were and how I remember when I started driving gas was only $1.00/gal. Complaining about not having enough money to fill my tank. In essence, I was having a full-blown pity party. Oh poor me. My life is so rough etc etc. (Stupid I know… but hey I’m human.)

I pull my gigantic truck up to pump #8. Still complaining as I get out of the truck, I start to swipe my card at the pump when I look up at the amount the last person put in their tank… It was $1.70 worth of gas. They didn’t even get a full gallon!!!!! I was floored. I literally stood at the pump and stared at that $1.70 for a good 30 seconds. I must have looked a little odd staring at the pump, but I didn’t care. I was just complaining about only putting $20 in my tank and this person only had $1.70! It was Wednesday… I hope that wasn’t all the person had to get them to a paycheck on Friday. Was that person even getting a paycheck on Friday? How self-centered was I to be complaining about my situation when others clearly have it way worse.

Then I stopped myself. I chuckled and thanked God for putting me in my place. You see when I went to the gas station all but one pump was empty. The pump I ended up at was honestly the most out-of-the-way for how I needed to leave the station. I was so consumed with complaints when driving in that I didn’t stop to think. I passed 3 other empty pumps to get to the pump I chose.

I definitely believe in reality checks. That night I was getting the reality check that my life and my financial situation wasn’t all that bad. I needed to be thankful for the session I was headed to that was going to earn me $60 for 1.5 hrs of work. I needed to be thankful that my husband has a steady income and that my business albeit small has a steady income as well. I just needed to stop complaining about the unimportant things and focus on all the blessings in my life.  And that’s really what we all need to do. When life gets you down, remember all the good you have. Remember to keep things in perspective.



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