Taking a Big Risk = Amazing Life

Let me start with a little back-story. In September of 2015, I started a business called I Love Ewe Boutique. I was on maternity leave from a great full-time job… that didn’t have paid maternity leave. So I had to find a way to still make money while taking my 3 months off to be home with my infant daughter. I started making burp clothes, bibs, receiving blankets and wool-filled blankets. After my 3 months off, I returned to work part-time for 3 months before asking to be placed on temp status. My business in 6 months of very part time work was already needing my full attention. This was something I was not expecting but happily accepted. Since then, I Love Ewe has grown in product offering which is now including a new clothing line called LeaLynn.

This outfit I feel is the most intricate and well done piece I have ever created and I couldn’t be more excited. Which leads me to this…


I have had many people tell me that I live an amazing life. Usually running my own business, farming with my husband and staying home with the girls are their examples. I am most definitely humbled by their statements. I’ve had some people even say they wish they could do what I do or live the life I live. Again I am very humbled. But you see my husband and I are not doing something that others cannot do. In fact, we regularly watch Youtube videos/ listen to Podcasts of people who are doing it way better than us. You gotta learn somewhere right.


Wool-Filled Bubble Quilt that was part of a baby registry that was set up through I Love Ewe.

The thing that I guess you could say makes us different from the wishers is we did it. I chose to move to temp status at my VERY good job to stay home with my girls. I chose to start sewing which by the way I had never sewn IN MY ENTIRE LIFE prior to starting I Love Ewe. I chose to look the impossible in the face and say “I can do that.” But see that’s the thing… The wishers… The people who wish they had my life or something close to it can do it too!! Or they can incorporate parts of it into their life.


My husband and I made (and are still making) huge sacrifices to live a life we long to live. We have chosen to stay a one car family after my Honda was totaled. We have chosen cheapo (well working) prepaid phones vs mack daddy iPhones. We have chosen to downsize a lot of things so that we could afford to live more simply while we build our empire. Because yes one day we will have two vehicles again and better phones. We plan on building a life where our children can start their own businesses at 10 years old if they want and be incredibly successful by the time they are 14. We plan on lots of land and a beautiful house, but we also know that those things are not in our immediate future so we do what we can with what is placed in front of us. We build our businesses step by step knowing that each step brings us closer to our ultimate goal.

Giving our girl Katie some love before a farm tour.

If you wish for a different life make the choice to do what you need to do in order to live that life. And if living a life like my husband and I is your goal know that we are willing to point you in the right direction and give advice whenever needed.


It is hard to make choices that will completely change your life. Believe me I have been in tears a few times scared of the uncertain. But I have cried tears of joy more times than I can count because of those choices falling into place.

For those who have given me the highest compliment of telling me I live an amazing life, thank you. Your words help to calm my nerves during the crazy times. To everyone wishing for something more… Go for it!! You will be so thankful you did. You don’t have to jump in the deep end… But at least put your toes in the water. You deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life!


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