Mornings on the Farm: A Time to Find Peace

0518170736A few weeks ago I had an opportunity on the farm that doesn’t happen often. I was child-less and husband-less for the entire day. I woke up at 7 am even though I could sleep in because I wanted to see the farm in the early morning hours. I wanted to see the dew on the blades of grass, the chickens as they hunt for grasshoppers in the morning haze, the dogs relaxing after a night of protecting the property, and the shadows cast by the rising sun through the trees. I wanted to immerse myself in tranquility.

While learning to farm has been a roller coaster ride, being outside with the animals, breathing in the fresh air has always brought me peace. I love feeling the (sometimes very strong) breeze blowing through my hair. I love the smell of rain on the horizon or getting caught in rain while moving animals. I love hearing the “chicken song” when a chicken lays an egg 0518170727or the bleating of a baby lamb calling for its mom. I love seeing our two huge Great Pyrenees, Samson and Titus, trot across the field to greet us. I love seeing Samson and Titus in action when they think there is a threat. (There is nothing more powerful to see two dogs become one very intimidating force to protect the animals.) I love making mud puddles for our daughters to play in. I love seeing the girls pick flowers together or chase each other around the 10 acres. I love the way the sunset catches my girls’ hair in its glow and makes them look like angels. (I probably have a hundred pictures where my girls look like they are glowing.) I love the buzzing of bees, and zings of grasshoppers jumping out the way of our boots. I love having a place where I have no worries and where I am completely at peace.

0518170733Most mornings are filled with me getting the kids fed and ready for the day. I intercept food that is about to get flung across the table and little girls pulling each other’s hair. My mornings are usually loud and chaotic. (Wouldn’t change that for anything.) So the morning I was alone on the farm was a huge treat. I got to just sit there and listen. I listened to the world around me. I really took in the life that my husband and I have been working hard to build for the last 3.5 years. I listened to the chickens happily eating their chicken feed and then the roosters singing their morning songs. I listened to the dogs as they flopped down in their dog holes with a full tummy of dog food. I listened to birds chirping in our one and only tree on the 10 acres. I also was able to take pictures of the beauty around me. I was able to look at the world around me from different angles and enjoy the change in perspective.


Farming for me is so much more than providing food for ourselves or creating an income. It is about providing a place for my family to be at peace. A place for the girls to be able to run wild and live free. It is about providing a place to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mornings on the farm rejuvenate my love for the life we are living and excitement for what the future has in store.




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