The Ketogenic Chronicles: Week 1

I sit here looking out the window behind my computer screen. Rain is gently falling on the ground. Thunder can be heard in the distance. A big yellow ball my girls play with is sitting in my front yard. I’m trying to think of something witty to write about completing my first week of the Ketogenic Diet, but all I can think is “I made it through week one!” I didn’t eat off the plan once. I stuck to it and I feel amazing!!

I’m not going to lie not stopping at Dunkin Donuts was tough. Not buying a Coke after grocery shopping when there was an ad for Coke on my cart was even tougher. What held me through was knowing that I didn’t want to be the old me anymore. I wasn’t hungry any of the times I wanted to stop at Dunkin. I just wanted sugar. I was thirsty after grocery shopping, but the water in the drink cooler was much better for me than the Coke. I stuck to the plan and it felt great to accomplish that.

Within 2 days of eating on the diet I could see changes. My “mom pooch” was already getting smaller. I didn’t look 3 months pregnant in the evening before bed, and I wasn’t feeling the late afternoon slump. Day 4 I noticed a difference in how my shorts fit around my thighs and I had to make my bras tighter. Day 7… I feel absolutely AMAZING!

And I ate real food: (The cook book I use for the diet has recipes for all the meals and snacks I made.)

Spaghetti (with zucchini noodles)
Sunflower seeds
Homemade vanilla ice cream (no sugar used)
Homemade mint chocolate cookies with chocolate icing (no sugar used)
Keilbasa with sauerkraut
Lasagna roll ups
Onion rings wrapped in bacon

All the meals were homemade too! And before you say well that’s great. You’re a stay at home mom. You better check yourself. (lol) I meal prepped for a solid 2 hours on Sunday to make sure all snacks were made for the week. I had all my dinners written down on a list so I knew exactly what I was making each night. I also had a general list of what I was going to be eating for lunch since some of the times I was eating left overs. Both of these lists saved me a ton of time and frustration throughout the week. I had an incredibly busy week between dance practices and running my business/helping out on the farm. Doing this is possible for anyone!

To my great dislike, I measured and weighed myself the day I started the diet. I measured my bust, my waist (the smallest part of my torso), my mom pooch (because that is the area I need the most results in), my hips, my thighs, my calves and my biceps.  I’m sure by this point you are like get to the results lady!

My weight day one: 190 lbs (almost the heaviest I have ever been non-preggers)
My weight day seven: 187 lbs

My bust day one: 40 inches
My bust day seven: 38 inches

My waist day one: 36 inches
My waist day seven: 34.5 inches

My mom pooch day one: 43 inches
My mom pooch day seven: 39 inches (Sorry for the cursing but HELL yea!)

My hips day one: 47 inches
My hips day seven: 43 inches (another HELL yea!)

My thighs day one: 24 inches
My thighs day seven: 23 inches

My calves day one: 15.75 inches
My calves day seven: 14.5 inches

My biceps day one: 12 inches
My biceps day seven: 12 inches (Probably not the first place to lose fat… maybe next week.)

In one week I have lost 3 lbs and a total of 13.75 inches!!! I am thrilled!! Clothes are fitting better. I am not constantly searching my cupboards for food because I don’t feel satisfied even though I just ate. I don’t crash in the afternoon. I don’t need to eat as much to feel satisfied. I’m still fighting some cravings but those should be gone in another week or so. Overall, I just feel so much better about myself!

Week 2 is going to be tough. It is my daughter’s dance recital week. I will be with her at dance every night Monday through Saturday except for Wednesday. Tuesday night I have a meeting to go to as well. Basically, I will not see my dinner table at all this week except for Wednesday’s dinner. This week will really test me. I have already made myself snacks for the week and planned my lunches and dinners. Ketogenic Diet week 2 here I come!!



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