The Ketogenic Chronicles: Week 2 & 3

Ok so I am a little behind on keeping you all updated on my progress. No I did not fall off the proverbial wagon. I have just been insanely busy the last two weeks.

Week 2 of the diet brought all the challenges I knew it would. My daughter had a dance recital. Dance moms I know you feel my exhaustion. I was at some form of dance function every night of the week except Wednesday. I ate great for breakfast and lunch but dinners were hit or miss. I will say one thing about this diet. It is not hard to find things you can eat on a restaurant’s menu. However, finding something you can eat while driving not exactly easy. I caved on Thursday and Friday night and got a burger and fries from Wendy’s. My awesome ideas of meal prep flew out the window with the chaos. (And eating with a fork while driving is a little less than preferable.) So week two was rough, but I shockingly still saw results!

Here are week 2 losses:

Bust: 37 inches (-1 from week 1)
Waist: 33 inches (-1.5 from week 1)
Mom pooch: 38.5 inches (-.5 from week 1)
Hips: 42.5 inches (-.5 from week 1)
Thighs: 22.5 (-.5 from week 1)
Calf: same as week one
Bicep: same as day one

Week three was busy but way less chaotic than dance recital week. I planned my meals out at the beginning of the week and shopped accordingly. My husband and I did have a date night on Tuesday where we went out to eat, but I stuck to the diet. Like I said before finding food at restaurants to eat is easy. This week was interesting because I actually had to remind myself to eat. I rarely felt hungry. I wasn’t constantly looking through my cupboards for something to snack on because I didn’t feel satisfied. I didn’t have cravings (not even for Dunkin Donuts.) I also noticed that when I was hungry I could eat less and feel full faster. I didn’t have any afternoon sleepiness. Overall it was a really good week. I felt great. My losses weren’t as extensive as the two weeks prior, but there is a noticeable difference in how clothes fit.

Here are week 3 losses:

Bust: same as week 2
Waist: 32.5 inches (-.5 from week 2)
Mom pooch: 37.25 (-1.25 from week 2)
Hips: 41 inches (-1.5 from week 2)
Thighs: same as week 2
Calf: same as week 2
Bicep: still no change since day one

Week 3 may not seem as exciting as it could be so lets revisit Day 1 and compare it to week 3.

My bust day one: 40 inches
My bust day 21: 37 inches (-3 inches!)

My waist day one: 36 inches
My waist day 21: 32.5 inches (-3.5 inches!)

My mom pooch day one: 43 inches
My mom pooch day 21: 37.25 inches (-5.75 inches!!!!!)

My hips day one: 47 inches
My hips day 21: 41 inches (-6 inches!!!!!)

My thighs day one: 24 inches
My thighs day 21: 22.5 inches (-1.5 inches!)

My calves day one: 15.75 inches
My calves day 21: 14.5 inches (-1.25 inches!)

My biceps day one: 12 inches
My biceps day 21: 12 inches (Probably not the first place to lose fat… maybe next week.)

In 21 days of following the Ketogenic Diet (for the most part) I have lost a grand total of 21 inches off my body!!!!! I am thrilled. It’s nice to see dimples disappear and rolls become a little smaller. It’s nice to feel more comfortable about how I look.


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