We have a farm… I’m a farmer’s wife. Wait. How did this happen? Oh yes. That’s right… My husband, John, fell in love with the idea of sustainable agriculture and decided he wanted to be a farmer. I already having the ring on my finger and having said my vows felt obliged to let him live out this dream. After all, he has supported me through all my crazy dreams.

Hello! We are the Williams Family. John, Sarah (that’s me) and our daughters, Aubrey & Isabelle. We have created Healing Acres Farm in a beautiful rural area in Florida. I am also the owner/designer of I Love Ewe Boutique where I make lovely items for moms & their tots.

We have been a farming family since January 2014 when we acquired 27 Florida Cracker Sheep. We also have 24 Black Java Chickens. We practice sustainable agriculture and wholeheartedly believe that we should farm in nature’s image. The farm’s motto- Heal the land, heal the animals, heal the community- isn’t just a some words thrown together to sound nice. It is what we believe. We hope that our farm (and now this blog) will be a source of information and inspiration to those looking to live a healthier lifestyle.